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It's been noted that most people will wait until the last minute to get holiday quotations and plans in place and end up feeling that they are paying too much. My experience has taught me that planning in advance even up to a year earlier,makes travelling an enjoyable & stress free experience. These few tips have helped me know that travelling is not such a painful or pocket emptying experience. 1.Chose your dream destination early and do your research,ask for price quotations for packages for the dates you intend to travel. Its always best to start as early as 6 months to travel dates or even up to a year depending on the destination and cost. This allows you to create a savings plan for the holiday and break it down into months. You can always ask for ideas on the best places to visit 😉.If money is not an issue,by all means,chop that money 💵💵💵when you're ready to travel.

2. Your itinerary-When you picture yourself on holiday,what do you envision? Try and communicate the same to the company booking the package for you Thinkk travels is good at customizing holiday packages!👍🏾

That way you get to fully enjoy your holiday.

3.When will you be going?The climate of your destination will likely have a profound impact on your holiday plans. Another consideration is if the countries on your shortlist have any specific festivals or events you'd like to see on your travels..ie the Songkran festival falls around April in Thailand and that makes it a good time to travel to Thailand. Dubai have their shopping festival from December to late February💡🛒! 3.Check your passport and visa requirements This will allow you to give yourself plenty of time to arrange your passport application/renewal and get proper documents to process a visa when the time comes.

4.Book your flights early. This will help you find great value flights. Its considered cheaper to fly mid-week than on a weekend. Further more,early or late flights prove to be better for your pocket. 5.With all this in place, create a savings and payment plan that will allow you to travel comfortably and stress free.

So..where are you off to this year?Are you prepared?

Checkout our current deals, you could get some ideas to start saving up for!



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