Nǐ hǎo (Hello in chinese)....Have you visited the Canton fair before? Or are you planning to go to one of the upcoming sessions?

The Canton Fair is held twice a year in April and October and has been going on for over 50 years.Imagine the largest convention that you’ve ever been to in your life and then multiply it by three. It’s big and Its good to be prepared if your planning to attend this fair.

You should go if

  1. You have been finding Suppliers via Alibaba and want to make the next leap
  2. You have current Suppliers who will be exhibiting at the fair (makes it easy to meet and a greet with multiple Suppliers)
  3. You’re a first time business visitor to China (the Canton Fair is very Western friendly)
  4. You should go if you’re importing mass-market consumer commodities 

Preparing for the Show

To have the most successful buying experience at the show, you should do a lot of work beforehand. Here are some tips: 

Before you attend the show, determine what types of products you are looking for. Do not go to the show to blindly look for products. 

Bring a large backpack or, preferably, a rolly bag to carry the many catalogs and reading material and giveaways you will collect. 

Carry comfortable shoes that are good for walking as you will walk alot!

Important tips


The language barrier is the biggest hurdle for a foreigner to overcome while visiting China.

While English is slowly becoming universal, especially in the cities, many Chinese people cannot speak it. I suggest keeping a business card from your hotel to show to taxi drivers or in case you get lost if you chose to explore Canton away from the trade fair in your free time.

Internet access:

The Chinese government censors everything from media to the internet, so you will be unable to access sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is safe to assume that you won’t be able to access your favorite sites or even email at times. If this is a big issue for you (like it was for me!) make sure to get a VPN on your phone and computer before leaving—just make sure that the service provider is not blocked in China.I downloaded one on my phone ad was able to have internet throughout.


You might not be the adventurous type when it comes to trying new food, but in China you might want to change that and try being a little flexible if you want an authentic culinary experience.Although most big hotels will offer western familiar menu, to experience the authentic Chinese food, visit the smaller restaurants.


Visiting the bigger wholesale markets outside the canton fair will give you better price bargains. One such famous market is the  Electronics market on Haiyin Square.Most tourists shopping for personal needs will prefer shopping streets designed for tourist enjoyment. Beijin road is the most popular shopping street for personal items.


Guangzhou is one of the twenty-four famous historical and cultural cities in China. Some top attractions include the Yixeu park,Guangzhou museum,White cloud mountain in Baiyun, Temple of the six Banyan trees,Pearl river,chimelong tourist resort. Our 8 day Canton fair package offers one tour in this amazing massive city.